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2013-11-13 11:50:34 by BIGJACE1

Since I have been on this site for a while, as a voter, a member and sometimes reviewer of flash, I want to contribute more to the site.

However, I have not got the skills to animate, voice act or draw, nor do I have the programs or technology.
But I believe I can come up with some ideas, even possibly write backstory or script for a flash, do anything to contribute and get my name on a flash.

Of course I don't want to be doing all the work, I want some feedback and open to changing ideas, approving and disapproving what will and won't work, to be kept in the know, and given the same respect I would give my fellow co-workers.

I hope people, whether new to flash creations or professional creators will inbox me and give me a chance.
I'm new to writing but have some ideas that could work.


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2013-11-14 08:26:34

Good luck with that! There are plenty of people looking for a writer, just need to find them. The collabinator and the collab forum would be good spots to start.