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I'm back.

2015-06-06 07:36:33 by BIGJACE1

After being banned for a while for doing the admin's job of judging shitty flash submissions correctly to save the good and blam the bad, I'm back to continue my work and in the process become stronger.

My experience gives me a voting power of 6.47 votes. My blam and protection points give me an additional 22% of experience power, meaning that my total vote power is worth 7.9 votes!

Be afraid.


2013-11-13 11:50:34 by BIGJACE1

Since I have been on this site for a while, as a voter, a member and sometimes reviewer of flash, I want to contribute more to the site.

However, I have not got the skills to animate, voice act or draw, nor do I have the programs or technology.
But I believe I can come up with some ideas, even possibly write backstory or script for a flash, do anything to contribute and get my name on a flash.

Of course I don't want to be doing all the work, I want some feedback and open to changing ideas, approving and disapproving what will and won't work, to be kept in the know, and given the same respect I would give my fellow co-workers.

I hope people, whether new to flash creations or professional creators will inbox me and give me a chance.
I'm new to writing but have some ideas that could work.

Change, but for the better?

2013-11-11 21:00:47 by BIGJACE1

So, after being away from the site for 3 years, I see a lot of things have changed, many spam/trow gangs have filled the portal with trash, the layout is different and lost many of my favorite submissions, as well as other stuff.

As I click on random submissions with low scores, I wonder what the hell happened while I was away.
Many submissions should be flagged but that's the problem, how to flag submissions that should be removed to to them being hate filled or don't do near anything, possibly breaking the NG rules.

I see I have a lot of work to do to help clear up the portal.
And the hopes of one day being invited to become a moderator, as a reward for my good work.

I'm Back!

2013-11-10 11:12:58 by BIGJACE1

Well after 3 years, I make my return, to do what I enjoyed doing back in 2010, reviewing and judging the works of brilliance and the rubbish of peoples backsides.

I will once again start to judge the submissions in a fair, opinionated and honest way.
It will be fun to see what has changed in 3 years, what has become of members, and what has slipped through judgement of the blam system.

No Point In Trying

2010-01-05 08:39:49 by BIGJACE1

It seems freedom of speech means shit these days, what is the point in saying what you like when all you do is get fobbed off, most of my reviews these days get deleted or removed from flashes, is there a point in even reviewing flashes?

It's not like my reviews are really offensive, or hurtful but they get deleted, maybe people don't like the truth.

they say be honest when reviewing but that means fuck all really, so really there is no point in trying.